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Our staff consists of trained agents with strong expertise in overcoming objections, avoiding stall tactics, and negotiating maximum payment with the highest professional and ethical standards.

The advantages of working with NCCSI for third-party collections include:

  • Continued technology investment and upgrades
  • Adaptable skip tracing processes and databases
  • Knowledgeable and responsive client services
  • Unlimited access to legal advice for staff and clients
  • Experienced and trained agents with:
  • Diffusing skills for disputes and stall tactics
  • Strong negotiation strategies
  • Open office environment monitored closely by management for quality

The process begins as soon as your account is received, achieving maximum return to improve your cash flow as quickly as possible. You can expect excellent recovery percentages from an experienced team of professionals.



It can often become cost prohibitive for companies to follow up on their active receivables and first party collections can be the ideal solution. NCCSI’s agents take on responsibilities previously reserved for your in-house staff and act as representatives of your organization.

The advantages of working with NCCSI for first-party collections include:

  • Effective and efficient calling strategies
  • Seamless transition into third-party and litigation avenues
  • Minimal management layers to allow for rapid inquiry response and decision making.
  • Experienced and trained agents with:
  • Extensive comprehension in diminishing objections and moving forward with negotiation.
  • Knowledge and access to legal advice
  • Soft approaches for sensitive industries
  • Professionalism to maintain your company’s image